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About This Site

Meet Your Board of Mis-Directors

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Our Board is a well-rounded, versatile and highly skilled team - all focused on YOU, all day, every day! No matter what you're doing, we can help!

We offer a wide variety of perspectives and approaches to help thwart those misguided “self-growth opportunities,” impulses for change, urges toward intimacy, and other imprudent inclinations.

Note: If you would like to develop a closer, more concentrated mentoring-type relationship with any of us, email your request to: .  We'd love to hear from you – and of course we have much to offer you.

Our Members
The Critic
The Forgetter
The Processor
The Realist
The Escalator
The Rationalizer
The Rewarder
The Expresser
The Planner

The Critic
The Critic, our most famous Board member, helps you discern when you are doing poorly, when you are making mistakes, when you are embarrassing yourself, when you are just being stupid.

The Critic also diligently reminds you of past failings, both real and imagined - so you may avoid current and possible future failings. This has a double benefit! It helps you focus on your weaknesses (so that you may avoid them) AND diverts your attention from "opportunities," which are so often actually pitfalls.

The Critic may seem harsh at times -
but isn't it better to know the worst from the inside first,
rather than hearing it from someone else?

The Critic is also one of the most vocal Board members. See what The Critic has to say about dealing with neighbors who borrow, employment, and consulting a coach.

The Forgetter
The Forgetter excels at helping you forget things which are really not important, or which are best not remembered. The Forgetter induces fogginess, confusion, distraction, or blankness to interrupt any troublesome action, thought, insight, question, or expression that has disguised itself as important or meaningful. 

A quick and efficient way to clear the decks!

See how The Forgetter recommends you deal with forgetting an important date.

The Processor
The Processor ensures that you never act precipitately, that you always give full and proper consideration to anything you say or do. The Processor can argue the pros and cons in any situation, critique any possible action, and always play devil's advocate.  The Processor also guarantees that you will always be prepared to ask the questions that need to be asked, over and over if necessary, and that you have an endless supply of important things to say – things which must be spoken! - about past or possible future events.

You need never dismiss any possibility prematurely -
and never, ever rush into anything.

See what The Processor recommends regarding Dealing with Rejection.

The Realist
Sometimes characterized as pessimistic and negative, The Realist is in fact purely sensible and rational. The Realist is an authority on human nature, the laws of chance, and the way the world works in general. The Realist helps you know what you can expect in any given situation, and has particular expertise in identifying and squelching hopes – the unrealistic ones, of course

The Realist expertly projects
the potential negative results of any decision or action,
thus helping us avoid misguided life changes.

The Realist is full of terrific advice regarding dealing with rejection, cheating boyfriends, losing weight, and so much more.

The Escalator
The best way to handle some situations is to strike back harder, taking out the opponent. This is true perhaps more often than we like to think, especially with our loved ones, friends and co-workers. The Escalator helps you to react immediately when necessary by whipping your emotions into a frenzy and shutting down all thought. 

When loved ones say thoughtless things or co-workers step out of line,
you need not pause to think before you make them wish
they had been born in another country or were in a persistent coma.  

The Escalator weighs in on handling cheating boyfriends, and scheming to get someone else's partner.

The Rationalizer
The Rationalizer expertly dispenses with contracts, vows, and other agreements without the fuss of re-negotiating.

The Rationalizer sorts out obligation (or absence of), direction of blame, and actual priorities (which may be very different than what you first thought in a given situation) and lets you know when a situation is not worthy of your attention because you could not possibly be the one at fault here - especially in situations where some sort of restitution or compensation is required

Helping you to identify the person who is to blame,
and to explain why you are not.

The Rationalizer has something to say about almost every situation, including why it's ok to steal someone else's spouse, and why coaching is useless at best.

The Rewarder
The Rewarder is a specialist in assessing immediate rewards of choices and activities. You may hear it suggested that long-term gain is better; but even when that's true, it's certainly best to be aware of all the short-term benefits so you can make an informed decision! Sometimes the choices The Rewarder inspires are called "procrastination" or even "addiction" by the unwashed masses - but that comes from ignorance of the balance of benefits, and also an underestimation of what you deserve.

The Rewarder helps you to weigh properly
the certainty of the gratifyingly immediate rewards
against the uncertainty of the remotely distant possible rewards.

The Rewarder tells you why it's ok to indulge after rejection.

The Expresser
The Expresser is a true professional in the arena of emotional expression, and will encourage you to express yourself fully and completely. Really, sometimes a tantrum or a weeklong crying jag is just the right thing. It impresses those around you, and lets them know that you are serious.

The deeper and more sincere the emotion,
the more intense and longer-lasting its expression should be -
possibly enduring weeks, months or even years.

A couple of scenarios where The Expresser's recommendations come into play: cheating boyfriends and birthdays.

The Planner
You cannot ask for greater competence in staying on top of requirements and obligations than the amazing skill of The Planner.  This important member of the Board:

  1. helps keep your To Do list current by scanning every event, commitment, good intention, and necessary upkeep task in your life to remind you of what still needs to be done; 
  2. identifies the many possibilities, considerations, rules, and outcomes so you know exactly what you must plan for before any actual actions are put in motion;
  3. pre-thinks your conversations, chooses your wardrobe weeks in advance, and helps you decide whether to kiss your date goodnight before they ever show up at the door;
  4. post-thinks conversations and actions, so that you will always know exactly what you should have done or said.

Your perfect life requires analysis of the past,
and lots of planning for the future!
The present moment is nothing more than a blip!

The Planner has sound advice on how to handle feelings of attraction, and pesky neighbors.

We know - these formal introductions were not necessary. You are already intimately familiar with us, and know the value we bring to your life!

And now, we offer you even more value:

  1. For a sporadic dose of our brand of wisdom, check out our Horoscopes
  2. For those special situations, where you need a jolt of reality and some sound advice, check out our Special Reports.
  3. A blog? Of course we have a blog! Visit us there for advice, perspectives on current events, historical notes, and much more.

We look forward to serving you more, and better!