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Special Reports

Jolts of Reality and Sound Wisdom from Your Board of Mis-Directors

Horrors of Intimacy and Five Strategies for Staying Safe in RelationshipExtra Special Double Report:
The Horrors of Intimacy & Five Strategies for Staying Safe in Relationship

Relationships - they’re everywhere: your family, the teller at the bank, your childhood friends. You can’t get away from them and yet, let’s face it: they are the source of much of life’s misery and suffering.

Even if you can’t avoid being in relationship,
can protect yourself from the worst of it.

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Our Special Reports provide the resources you need to successfully avoid or negotiate the risks and pitfalls of various dangerous situations. 


Each special report features:

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Each special report is packed with information and advice that you CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!

Each is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars - not to mention eons of valuable time! (Just think how much you would have saved by avoiding that disastrous relationship last year!)

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