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The Unresolved Traumas Series

A Board of Mis-Directors Exclusive Feature!

Unresolved Traumas Series Titles Available NOW!

Parental Belittling - $9.99

Your Parent's Divorce - $9.99

Rejection - $9.99

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You can't fling a brick in a public place without hitting someone ready and willing to "help" you heal past hurts, work through old issues, and resolve the traumas of your childhood. They're everywhere! 

We're not afraid to say just how ridiculous this whole situation is:  It's Poppycock! 

Between the hidden advantages of unresolved traumas, and all the effective suppression techniques available, there just is really no good reason to go to the fuss and bother of resolving them.

We wrote the Unresolved Traumas Ebook Series to help you appreciate the many benefits of leaving those old wounds just as they are, with extra tips on how to put them to use in your life today. 

Each installment of the Unresolved Traumas Ebook Series includes:

The Unresolved Traumas Ebook Series helps you leverage the tools and skills you've already developed to reach your full potential

Available for immediate download!

Get the first 3 (Parental Belittling, Your Parents' Divorce, and Rejection)
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Unresolved Traumas: Parental Belittling ebookParental Belittling
You are young, maybe 4 or 5. Life is exciting, and everything is fresh and new. You hear a song that pleases you, and you begin to sing along. You sing as loud as you can, maybe even throw a few screams in – like Prince, say.  Suddenly, a parental voice comes from the other room: “Shut the **** up!  Who told you you could sing?  You’re hurting my ears!” Sure, that squashes your joie de vivre - but what do you gain?

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Unresolved Traumas: Your Parents' Divorce ebookYour Parent's Divorce
One minute you're a happy little family - or maybe not so happy, but still a family at least, more or less - and the next thing you know it's "who am I with this weekend," and all that fighting or those cold stony silences.  But the UT of your parent's divorce gives you a wealth of skills for dealing with the pitfalls and dangers of your adult relationships.  Make the most of this devastating childhood event! 

Add Unresolved Traumas: Your Parents' Divorce to Cart - $9.99

Unresolved Traumas: Rejection ebookRejection
Basically, rejection is the big gatekeeper - it's THE thing that keeps you from living the life you wish you were living. Without rejection, you'd have the relationship you want, the job you need, and all the attention you so long for.  Rejection leaves you unnoticed, unappreciated, and uncounted in life’s big census of who’s who.  But are you getting the most out of it?

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