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About This Site

From a satisfied customer:

"I was in a happy marriage until I read your report, but the danger signs woke me up! I'm starting divorce proceedings tomorrow. There's just too much to lose in a relationship. If nothing else, he'll die someday and then I'll be REALLY bummed out. Might as well cut my losses now. Thank you so much for opening my eyes."

You too can learn
how to avoid the Horrors of Intimacy


Afraid of being noticed? Of not being noticed?
Of making mistakes?
Of giving it all you've got - and failing miserably?

Of course you are! There's good reason for that!

Let us tell you why!

Welcome to the Official Website of Your Board of Mis-Directors™.

WHAT have you been doing?!?

Our dedicated Board Members – known in some circles as your internal voices, inner dialogue, inner critic, etc. - bring the most effective tools, tricks and technologies to help keep you safe from risky, ill-advised decisions, actions, relationships, and life changes.

In the past we’ve relied on our handy access to your inner thoughts. 
But in this Internet age, we see the opportunity
to give you even MORE ways to benefit from our wisdom and skill.
After all, you deserve the very best! 

Who Loves You? We Do!

Who else takes the time to focus entirely on you, your choices (and mistakes), your pain and suffering, the wrongs you have perpetrated on others and they on you? Who else devotes every moment to keeping you safe from yourself, others and life in general? No one, that's who! No one loves you the way we do!

We're the only ones who are here for you - just for YOU!
We focus on YOU 24/7!

Our Offerings

We offer a wide variety of services to help thwart those misguided “self-growth opportunities,” impulses for change, urges toward intimacy, and other imprudent inclinations:

Why run the risk of failure when we’re right here to help you!
Remember: We're all about YOU!